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February 9, 2013
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(teen girl to wolf tf)

Kate slowly woke up and she didn’t know where she was. Her vision was blurred at first, but when her vision focused she saw that she was in a strange room and two doors and a big mirror next to one of the doors. When she looked in the mirror she saw that her clothes were gone. “What the… where am I? What’s going on?” she said. “Ah, your finally awake! So now the experiment can start,” said a strange voice. “Hey, where are you? Give me back my clothes!” she said. “Believe me, you don’t need them anymore.” The voice answered. “Let’s start the experiment.”

Kate was shocked when she felt something stinging her in her bag. When she felt she found a dart with some kind of liquid in it. “What is this for thi…” She started to feel dizzy and sat down on the floor. She felt something itchy in her hands. She gasped when she saw that her fingers started to shrank and fur started to grow on her hands. Her fingers shrank and her thumbs moved higher on her hands. Black pads started to appear in the palm of her reformed hands. Her hands weren’t hands anymore, but grey wolf paws. “Kate gasped, “What’s … what’s happening … to me?!”The fur started to cover her entire arms and her arms became thinner. She felt a burned feeling when the fur started to cover her belly. “You have been chosen for a special experiment. But before that, we will make a wolf of you,” the voice said. “What?” she gasped as her legs started to reform and became thinner. “But I don’t want to be an animal!” Grey fur started to spread on her legs. Her feet grew longer and her legs shortened to math with her new front legs. “Please. Let this stop!” she begged. “Don’t worry. It will be over soon. She fell on all fours and a crack in her back forced her to stay like this. The fur had covered her entire belly and also started to cover her back. She felt her spine stretching out and if she looked back she saw a fluffy furry tail started to form. Her ears became pointy, covered in fur and moved to the top of her head. Her mouth and nose started to stretch out painfully and formed her new muzzle while her face also was covered with fur and her hair shortened. She rolled over the ground in pain as she felt that her bones changed shape to fit in her new body.

She laid on the ground and panted heavy. She stood up on all fours and took a better look at herself. Nothing was left of the human she once was. She was now a full wolf with light grey fur from her paws until her belly, and dark grey fur on her back. Her fluffy tail was also covered in dark grey fur with a white tip on it and the fur around her eyes was also white.

“Brilliant! The experiment has worked!” the voice said. “Now, get her out of there for her next experiment.” “Yes sir!” The door of the cabinet opened and someone came in in a white protective suit. “Now, get here, young girl,” he said. But Kate wasn’t planning to do anything what he asked. Suddenly, another door opened and a boy came in. “Idiot! Close that door!” the man in the white suit screamed, but it was too late. Kate fled through the door and ran into the woods.

Thanks to her new enhanced hearing, she could hear that she was followed. The men from back there were trying to catch her, but she wasn’t planning on being captured that easy. “Don’t lose sight of her!” one of the men screamed. Kate kept running further and further into the woods and tried to get lost of them. Suddenly, one of them tripped over a root, and made the whole party to fell. “Idiot! Get up quickly!” one of them said. Kate used this opportunity to get lost of them as she found an empty hole and hided in it. She heard the men passing by the hole. “Where is she now?” one said. “We have to find her!” one of the other men said. They looked around a little, but it seems that they didn’t noticed the hole and searched further in the woods.

Kate took a small peek outside the hole to see if they were really gone, and she couldn’t see them anymore. She decided to stay in the hole just in case if they should return. Now that she was finally alone, she laid down her head and started on thinking what just happened and what that she could do now. She realized that she couldn’t return home again now that she was a wolf. She flat down her new ears and tears appeared in her eyes when she thought about her family and what they should do if she never returned home. She cried when she was thinking about all what she has lost now and slowly drowsed in sleep.

“Hey! What are you doing in my hole?!” someone yelled. She snapped awake, and the first thing she saw was a pair of white paws. When she looked up she saw the wolf of the paws. His legs and his belly were covered in light gray fur, except for his front left leg, that was covered in light blue fur. The fur on his back was also light blue. His tail was covered in light blue fur with a dark blue tip. His head was covered in some light blue fur, a little darker than the fur on his back, and his face was covered in white fur. “I said what are you doing in my hole?!” the wolf yelled again. “I’m… I’m sorry,” she said while she stood up, “I didn’t know this hole was of someone.” “Still don’t know why you’re in my hole!” he snapped again. “I… I was followed by humans and hided here,” she said a little scared now, “and I guess I fell asleep. I’m… I’m leaving already.” She exited the hole while the other wolf entered the hole. It looks like she slept several hours since the sun is setting down already. When she looked around, she saw a white flat rock and decided to lay on it. From the rock she could see the lower part of the woods. After looking around several times she laid dawn again and whined quietly.

There was a beautiful full moon that night. Normally, Kate enjoys it to look at the full moon, but this night she didn’t. Too much has happened to her today, and she couldn’t enjoy it for even one moment. She heard some twigs crunching. When she looked behind her, she saw the wolf aproaching her. “What the problem? Am I also laying on your rock?” she said. “Hey, I’m sorry about the yelling back then,” he said, “I was only tired and a little stressed, that’s all. May I join?" “Uhh … fine,” Kate said. The wolf laid himself down next to Kate. “The full moon is beautiful tonight, isn’t it?” he said. “uhm, … I guess it’s pretty. But I’m not really in the mood right now,” Kate answered while she laid her head down. The wolf looked at her and saw some tears streaming from her eyes. “Hey, what’s the matter?” he asked. “Nothing, just leave me alone,” was her answer. “Hey, I can sense it if something is bothering you,” he said. “You can tell me! It’s not good to suppress everything and I also don’t like it to see pretty girls upset.” Kate tilted up her head and looked in his eyes. His eyes were shiny blue. “I’m Luke, by the way. What’s your name?” he said. “I’m Kate,” she answered. “Well Kate, just tell me what is bothering you. You can trust me.” Kate thought about it and said, “But even if I told you, you never would believe me!” “Oh, don’t worry about that. I have seen many strange things in my life. Nothing surprises me anymore,” he answered. “Fine then,” Kate answered, “just promise me that you don’t laugh about what I’m going to tell.” “Promised.”

After that Kate has told everything what had happened to her, there was a long silence until Luke broke the silence by saying, “so you’re actually … human?” “See, I know you wouldn’t believe me,” was Kate’s answer. “I never said I don’t believe you,” was his answer. “In fact, I’m glad that you told me the truth.” Kate looked curious at Kate. “That makes now two of us.” Kate gasped, “wait, wait, wait,… so you mean … that you also were human?” Luke nodded, “It happened to me three years ago. In the beginning I was really scared about this, because I didn’t know how to live and how to hunt. But now I enjoy this life.” Kate still sobbed a little. “I’m still feeling uncomfortable about this.” “Don’t worry, Kate. You can stay with me and I will learn you everything about this life,” answered Luke. “really?” “Really.” Kate took a few seconds to think about it and then said, “I … I don’t know what to say about this.” “Take your time if you want to think about it. I’m going to sleep, it was a long day for me,” he said and walked to his hole. He stopped, looked behind him and said, “You can come inside if you accept my offer,” and went inside.

Kate walked around, thinking about what should be the best to do. She took a final look at the full moon. Her tail began to wag and she said, “You know. The full moon is really beautiful tonight.” She slowly walked to the hole and waited in front of it. She doubted for a few seconds, but finally decided to go inside, accepting the fact that this will be her new life.

This is my first TF story since my account on Furaffinity was deactivated three years ago. Hope you guys like it!
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shadowwolf270 Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
amazing story bro! =D 
spyrofreak01 Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

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